£13,000 per refugee in TUI-Home Office deportation contract: an interview with SOAS Detainee Support

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CN: this interview discusses deportation, the mistreatment of refugees, and trauma

Last year, TUI Airways, the UK subsidiary of the German airline, TUI, became the UK’s top deportation profiteer after signing a deportation contract with the Home Office in November 2020. TUI executive chairman, Friedrich Joussen, earned €1.7 million personally in 2020 alone. Meanwhile, in the same year TUI sacked a third of their workforce. In light of the ongoing deportation scheme, Politika News sat down with SOAS Detainee Support to discuss how and why TUI are profiting off the scheme, and the other ways in which the British government is targeting refugees. 

SOAS Detainee Support describes itself as an abolitionist grassroots group attempting to break the isolation of immigration detention by supporting people to take control of their cases and resist their imprisonment and deportation.

Politika News would like to thank SOAS Detainee Support for their time. Readers can access the group’s digital profiles below:

SOAS Detainee Support | Solidarity not Charity (wordpress.com)

SOAS Detainee Support (@sdetsup) | Twitter

SOAS Detainee Support (@sds_noborders_noprisons) | Instagram photos and videos

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