Serbian parliament refuses to debate resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica

Serbian parliament refuses to debate resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica

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On Tuesday, Serbian MPs voted against debating three proposed resolutions relating to the 1990s Yugoslav Wars. One of these resolutions included condemning the genocide committed by Serb forces against Bosniaks in Srebrenica. The resolution sought to ban the denial of the genocide in Srebrenica that saw over 8 000 Bosniaks (mainly men and boys) murdered by Serb forces.

The resolution had been brought forward by six MPs from the United Valley-SDA Sandzak parliamentary group. The group draws its support from the Muslim-majority Sandžak area in southern Serbia. Enis Imamović, a SDA MP who helped propose the resolution, told parliament, ‘The goal of the resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica is to strongly condemn it, but also to ban any denial of this genocide, the glorification of convicted war criminals and the announcement of new genocides against the Bosniak people.”

Despite the verdicts of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at The Hague, Belgrade continues to deny the genocide that took place in Srebrenica. In July 1995, Serb forces entered the Muslim enclave and murdered 8 372 Bosniaks (almost all men and boys). In the days of the genocide, Serbia’s incumbent president, Aleksandar Vučič, declared the infamous  “kill one Serb and we will kill a hundred Muslims” to parliament.

Serbia’s Parliament also refused to debate two other resolutions. The first sought to set up a commission “to investigate and determine the number of victims of the NATO aggression in 1999”. NATO bombed Yugoslavia to make then President Slobodan Milošević cease the military repression of Kosovo Albanians. A database published in 2014 listed 13 517 dead or missing people (civilian and military) as a result of the Kosovo War, over 10 000 of whom were Albanian.

The final resolution rejected by the Serbian parliament sought to make all members of the army and militia of the Republic of Serbian Krajina, a self-proclaimed Serb rebel statelet within Croatia, eligible for war veterans’ benefits.

Article Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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