“Why didn’t the world act sooner?”: remembering the Siege of Sarajevo


April marks 30 years since the Siege of Sarajevo began in 1992. It remains the longest military siege of a capital city in history. The failed attempt by Bosnian Serb forces and their sponsors in the Milošević regime to seize Bosnia’s capital involved atrocities against civilians and crimes against humanity. The multiethnic and multi-faith population of Sarajevo endured almost four years of shelling, sniping and a range of other atrocities. By the end of the siege, over 10,000 civilians had been murdered. Over a 1,000 of these civilians were children. 

To honour and commemorate the extraordinary sacrifices made by the people of Sarajevo, Politika News will be sharing stories from those who lived this horrific event. The first story comes from Dragan Mioković, who served as an Investigations Officer in Sarajevo’s police force, during the siege. 

Article Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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